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"jessica is in discussion with sm to modify her contract. still an sm artist but not an snsd member. she was not suppose to renew contract due to personal reasons but was persuaded. signed a special watertight contract. almost impossible to terminate but can be modified. sm still gets a percentage from her endorsement deals and solo activities. if she pursues with modification she will not be promoting with snsd on their december comeback. decision after jat." this is spreading. thoughts?
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Where do you guys find this stuff?

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Jessica's company is called "Blanc Group" so I suppose she's already, like you said, have been partnered up with other individuals who have invested in it, right?
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Probably. I think that would be the only wise move because a start-up company in any industry is a 100-140 hour per week job if you want to get it off the ground quickly. If you consider that it’s an industry as volatile and as constantly in flux as the fashion industry, you’re going to need a significant amount of manpower on top of your sleepless work ethic to do it.

Given that Jess has to promote the brand somewhat by maintaining a public image and activities, this doesn’t become a reasonable task. This is why it’s likely that there is a day-to-day management team that does most of the groundwork for her, while she makes decisions based on consultations over the big-picture concepts for the company.

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I think Jessica manages everything regarding Blanc from her bed.
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It’s not impossible for CEO Jung to employ a managing director or a high-ranking director to run the company for her on a day-to-day basis while she focuses on big-picture issues and the direction of the company as a whole. It’s also not impossible for the company to have been set up as a joint venture with individuals who know how to run a company like BLANC while Jessica remains a “sleeping partner” [pun somewhat intended] inthe business.


September 30, 2014

BREAKING: Girls’ Generation Jessica posts she is being kicked out of the group on Weibo… account hacked? (Koreaboo)

Girls’ Generation Jessica posts another message to Weibo about termination from SNSD (Koreaboo)

Jessica’s Weibo Account Possibly Hacked with Message of Her Leaving Girls’ Generation (Soompi)

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Netizens / fans point Girls’ Generation wearing Jessica’s “BLANC” at Incheon Airport (Koreaboo)

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S.M. Entertainment Announces Jessica to Leave Girls’ Generation; Group to Continue with Eight Members (Soshified)

K-pop group Girls’ Generation ousts star (ABS-CBN.com)

SM says Taetiseo and SNSD Members Will Continue Activities as Scheduled (Mwave)

SNSD Carries Out Tearful Fan Meeting in China Without Jessica (Mwave)

SNSD leaves Jessica’s part unsung at Shenzhen fan meeting; fans make “J” pink ocean (Koreaboo)

EXCLUSIVE: Who is Tyler Kwon, the mysterious alleged boyfriend of Girls’ Generation Jessica? (Koreaboo)

Jessica reported to be getting married to Tyler Kwon in Hong Kong according to insiders (Allkpop)

Jessica Reported to Be Preparing for May Wedding in Hong Kong (Soompi)

Jessica and Tyler Kwon reported to be married next May (Koreaboo)

October 1, 2014

Netizens find foreshadowing in ‘Jessica & Krystal,’ producer expresses surprise + update given on Krystal (Allkpop)

Producer of “Jessica & Krystal” + “The TaeTiSeo” surprised at news of Jessica’s departure (Koreaboo)

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny expressed feelings regarding Jessica on radio show? (Koreaboo)

BREAKING: Tyler Kwon update Weibo sending message to Jessica + announces no plan for marriage (Koreaboo)

Tyler Kwon once again denies marriage rumors with Jessica + says ‘the truth about what really happened will be known’ (Allkpop)

Tyler Kwon Updates His Weibo, Says There Is No Plan for Marriage Anytime Soon & Sends Jessica a Message of Support (Soompi)

Tyler Kwon Denies May Wedding Rumors and Encourages Jessica on Weibo (Mwave)

[Breaking] Jessica releases a statement of her own, explaining she was one-sidedly asked to leave Girls’ Generation (Allkpop)

BREAKING: Jessica releases official statement after being expelled from Girls Generation (Koreaboo)

Jessica Jung Releases Official Statement on SNSD Issue (Mwave)

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'Jessica & Krystal' rep claims the two sisters prepared a collaboration and planned season 2 before the news (Allkpop)

Jessica & SM: The Rundown (Moonrok News)




September 30, 2014

Jessica to be kicked out of SNSD?

Netizens react to Jessica leaving Girls’ Generation

Rumors run rampant as SM remains silent on Jessica’s post 

SM confirms Jessica will no longer be promoting with SNSD

Netizens speculate into Girls’ Generation Taeyeon “family portrait”

Past Instagram post by Taeyeon grabs attention in light of Jessica’s departure from the group

 ’8’ Soshi vs Jessica and SM… what will happen after

Jessica to get married to Tyler Kwon next year?

October 1, 2014

Jessica releases official statement

Panns of Jessica & SNSD (Part 1)

Panns of Jessica & SNSD (Part 2)

"Why do you get to decide all of this? I’m the owner of myself… and I’m the owner of my heart. From now on, instead of for anyone else, I want to live for myself. And I want to live how I want to."

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3rd Japan tour: Karma Butterfly~

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